St Lawrence CollegeThe dance sessions were excellent. Supported by fantastic music, they were well thought out and were a brilliant way to get the children thinking about movement in new and interesting ways.

The way ‘Dance Educates’ supported the curriculum was also very clever and the sessions kept the children thinking and on their toes. We will definitely be inviting Dance Educates back again!

Helen Caddick, JS Director of Music, St Lawrence College

Some quotes from the children we taught:

It was great fun, a new and interesting way to experience science, Rosie

I enjoyed the fact that we learnt so many things linked to science and that it was a great form of exercise, Annabelle

The whole day was: Fabulous! Fun and interesting; “Awesome”, Matthew


Dulwich Hamlet Junior SchoolSince becoming Head Teacher of Dulwich Hamlet Junior School, I have never ceased to be astounded by the quality of work that our pupils achieve under Alison’s positive, enthusiastic and disciplined teaching.

To see the boys in particular, interpreting music, responding to themes and ideas, and expressing feelings through movement alone, is marvellous.

Pupils’ body confidence is considerable and we have made all our Christmas performances dance based to showcase what the children are capable of.

Katie, Alison’s dance partner is now working with our youngest pupils at The Belham Primary School in Peckham.

Sonia Case, Head Teacher of Dulwich Hamlet Junior School


Brooklands Primary SchoolI worked with Alison from 1997 – 2010 as a teacher and as a deputy head. In that time, I was constantly impressed at how much impact she had on the learning of all children from Nursery to Year 6.

She worked with each class, linking their dance with their topic. She took relevant vocabulary and seamlessly wove it into the lessons. This reinforcement meant that children made links with different aspects of their learning and remembered more. Kinaesthetic learners could access the curriculum better. By the time children entered KS2, they were confident when performing and were able to independently link movements in dance with their learning.

Alison ran two dance clubs which were always oversubscribed. The children designed their own dances following instruction from Alison. This enhanced their collaboration skills and they thoroughly enjoyed the creative process. Alison’s Boys’ Dance Club was outstanding. It encouraged boys to experiment with dance. The dances were explosive, exciting and engaging. Year 5 and 6 boys loved dancing, keeping fit and performing. Their learning behaviour in class was better and they were more focused.

Alison ran INSET, developing staff’s expertise. She also worked within teachers when planning to link dance to other aspects of the curriculum to make sure that children had a creative experience to learning.

Julie Hockham, Deputy Head of Brooklands 2002 – 2010