One of the most important elements when establishing dance in an organisation is the ongoing relationship between ourselves and the people we work with who include classroom teachers, Sports Leaders, PE Coordinators, Dance Artists and choreographers.

We believe staying in touch and developing relationships is vital when supporting and nurturing their continued professional development in dance.

Here are some of the schools and dance organisations we have been working with:

The Open University.
2019 – present

We are working with The Open University on two separate projects. The first project is researching embodied learning and if this has a positive impact on mental health in Early Years Education.

The second project is to analyse how “fun” is perceived in education and whether teaching the curriculum through dance enhances learning.

Dulwich Hamlet Junior School, Southwark, London.
2008 – present

We have a long-standing relationship with this creative school where dance has been firmly established and accepted as a subject as important as maths and science allowing students to build on their dance vocabulary, creative and analytical skills.

The Belham Primary School, Southwark, London.
September 2015 – present

We have been working at the brand new Belham Primary School, with Reception and Year 1, looking at the beginnings of creating dances and developing a movement vocabulary.

St Lawrence College, Ramsgate (Junior School), Ramsgate, Kent.
June 2016

We had a creative Arts day combining science and dance working with all the year groups of the Junior School from Year 1 through to Year 6. The science topics we focused on were: plants, materials and changing state (solids, liquids and gas).
The day ended with a sharing for teachers, parents and other students showing the students hard work and also combined a farewell celebration to the Head Teacher of the school who is leaving this term.

Nightingales Primary School, Greenwich, London.
January 2016

This is our second whole school CPD INSET with Nightingales having been invited back from the previous year focusing on embodied learning. We also delivered a lesson with each year group class teacher working on literacy, science and geography with planning and resources.

Thomas Tallis School, Greenwich, London.
January – February 2016

Working as Guest Artists as part of the dance facility teaching Key Stage 3, GCSE and BTEC students developing their technique, choreographic and analytical skills.

Hackney University Technical College, Hackney, London.
June 2014

Planning and delivering technical and compositional contemporary lessons to Key Stage 4 students with the use of PlayStation Portables and video to support the students studying media.

Plumcroft Primary School, Greenwich, London.
May 2014

Delivered a full day CPD INSET to Greenwich PE Coordinators, class teachers and Dance and Music Specialists looking at a cross-curricular and an embodied approach to learning.

The Place (Dance Conservatoire), London.
May 2014

Delivered a cross-curricular CPD INSET to Primary school teachers and Dance Artists with a focus on literacy, geography and history at Key Stage 2 looking at how dance can be taught in schools.

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