Make After-School Dance Club part of your curriculum

We understand that many school timetables are full and fitting another subject/lesson/creative session into your day can be a challenge. We created After-School Dance Club so children can experience learning their classroom subjects, through energetic, creative and inspiring dance sessions.

What we do:

  • Continue your classroom-based learning as an after school dance lesson.
  • Work to specific classroom topics and subjects, including anything from science (forces, materials, solids, liquids and gases) to dinosaurs and Shakespeare!
  • Focus on an area of the curriculum you would like to strengthen (literacy (spelling, speaking, letter and word recognition) or maths (fractions, a/symmetry)
  • Work with all year groups including Early Years
  • Come to your school and deliver dance sessions as part of your school timetable or as an after school club or extra-curricular activity.

What we don’t do:

Teach dance ‘routines’ to children in specific dance styles. We find this often excludes many children who do not have the technique and it can put them off dance and undermine them

This is a great opportunity for you to use your PE Premium as our sessions can be classed as ‘coaching’ we are also very open to CPD …

If you are interested in starting a dance club with us or have any questions then please contact us at
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